After years of covering the blogging and other digital efforts of businesses and individuals, I decided it was time I learn first hand about managing and creating content for my own personal website. So, welcome to TwitterMarketingCoach.com. Thanks to my friend Betsy Mahan of Capitol Social for building my website, encouraging me and preparing me (eventually) to fly solo with this site.

While my URL specifically cites only Twitter and that is my favorite social media platform, I will blog on these pages about a variety of social networking platforms and topics.

I am passionate about everything social — whether social media or social tools within the business enterprise. I believe in the power of these tools to strengthen companies and organizations large and small as well as individuals’ professional endeavors.

Social media has changed my life by sparking a new fire within my soul — really, I’m not overstating this — and creating new opportunities that I previously never envisioned. I look forward to sharing my passions with you, whether social media or my simple pleasures of making greeting cards and traveling. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

~ Kelly Johnson

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