Kelly Johnson at NC BeachWhen I launched this blog several years ago, I planned to focus my blogging on social media—thus the domain name of TwitterMarketingCoach.com. Back then my biggest passion was social media, and boy, I was obsessed with social media. I’m still a social media evangelist; I occasionally consult on the side; and I co-lead a social media/digital media marketing Meetup group in Pittsboro, NC.

But now my passion is living. Since I created a #NewLife for myself in central North Carolina in the fall of 2013, I find delight in so many more things and places and people. I’m energized by my new university communications job and new friendships and acquaintances. I’m alive to new activities, ideas and possibilities.

As a result, I’m just as likely to blog about social media as a new friendship, change in one’s life, my hobby of cardmaking, or travels near and far. Also, because I’m much busier living my life nowadays, I no longer maintain my prior dedication to weekly posts. I blog when I have something that I want to say, something that moves or entertains me, and something that I think you’ll want to invest a few precious minutes of your day to read.

Welcome to or welcome back to TwitterMarketingCoach.com. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and thanks to my friend Betsy Mahan of Capitol Social for building my website and helping me to keep it looking good.

~ Kelly Johnson

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