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Central North Carolina communications consultant and freelance writer. Former business reporter and social media strategist at the Sacramento Business Journal.

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Embrace new life and work experiences — even miserable snow

These five months since I quit my job, traveled across the country and moved to North Carolina, I’ve thrived in the newness — whether treading through the snow, making a wrong turn on unfamiliar streets, or developing new professional contacts. With regret, I now realize that during much of the last decade and a half, I failed to embrace all sorts of potential new experiences. What’s it going to take to rouse you out of your routine? How much change do you need?

Always be networking — in person and on social media

In the 1992 movie “Glengarry Glen Ross,” actor Alec Baldwin's character Blake, as he pushes his salesmen to boost sales, insisted that they “Always Be Closing.” I think the crucial directive among professionals should instead be “Always Be Networking.”

Using a sabbatical to rediscover a bargain

During the last decade and a half of crazy-long work days, I missed out on much — time with family and friends, time for relaxation and hobbies, time for introspection. Until my current sabbatical, it had not occurred to me that I had neglected yet another joy — a free public service and one of the greatest institutions of a civilized society.

Learning about career and personal life goals from Texan pride

All this pride in Texas got me thinking. How much is too much pride or blind faith in one’s community, one’s own professional pursuits, or a relationship? When should we hold on, believing that there’s nothing better out there? And when do we give up on our dream of what’s possible?

An immigrant succeeds through his support of the military

When my friend described Jackson Huang and his restaurant, I thought she was aggrandizing for storytelling effect. Upon meeting Jackson, as everyone calls him, I realized that the Killeen, Texas, icon lives up to his over-the-top reputation.

The journey to a new life is fraught with bumps

The journey to a new life is not straight, especially emotionally. On Day 5 of my cross-country trip to my new life and career in North Carolina, I felt exhilarated to the degree of "pinch me, I'm dreaming."

Bad drivers, horrendous singing & an 80th birthday

On this, only my second day of my cross-country journey to a new life in North Carolina, I already have learned a few things — about bad drivers and my own singing that stings my ears — and I reaffirmed my decision to quit my job for this self-funded sabbatical.

How to attract news coverage of your event announcement

Your client or your company seeks news coverage for the business anniversary, ground breaking ceremony, a celebration of a finished renovation, or for the kickoff of a new program. What would turn that event invitation into news? Here are public relations tips for attracting media attention before that event even happens.

Exotic foreign travel or summer family vacation stateside?

Most of us at some point feel the lure of foreign travel. But I was reminded last week while sharing with lifelong friends an oceanfront beach house on North Carolina’s Outer Banks of the value of another kind of vacation — simple times with friends and family, playing cards, swimming in the ocean, enjoying good wine and food, laughing over childhood memories, and relaxing in front of a beach bonfire as the sound of the crashing waves makes all seem right in the world.

Learn from social media by getting personal in business

When you meet a prospective client or vendor for the first time in person, do you jump right into talking business? Just like we all know that we’re supposed to show our personality on our social media platforms, let some of your personal self shine through in person when meeting with potential and new clients and vendors.
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