The reasons often cited for blogging are promoting your brand, demonstrating your expertise and offering valuable content, which increases customer loyalty.

Those marketing reasons to blog are certainly valid. But have you thought about the non-marketing value and the somewhat more personal justifications for blogging?

I’ve been writing for a living for more than 20 years. But I too have found blogging outside of work to be a tremendous exercise during the six months I’ve been writing for this website.

All our lives we’ve heard that practice makes perfect. Writing too take practice. A blog motivates you to write on a consistent basis. By doing so, you can improve your writing quality, speed and creativity.

Another personal benefit of blogging is that it serves as a way to think through and clarify your thoughts.

Finally, blogging provides an opportunity to document and remember significant ideas or special memories. In last week’s blog, for instance, I advised my readers to sometimes give social media a break. I cited my recent trip when I mostly ignored my iPhone and laptop so I could focus on my visit with my father. The details of that visit — playing ping-pong and cards — are forever recorded in that blog, which I want to stress that I wrote after the visit and not during.

So remember, as you’re considering blogging or trying to keep up the motivation to blog, the consistent practice of writing benefits your business and you personally on many levels.

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