Stralsund, Germany market

During Germany vacation, I consider: Convenience, at what price?

Visiting here in Germany, I’m reminded of how much Americans are slave to convenience. We expect to be able to buy practically anything at any time of day and night. In Germany stores close on Sundays and most close at 5 p.m. through the week. I wonder if Germany might be onto something.

When should you maintain control and when do you let go?

I admit I was agitated and anxious as I approached my final day of on-campus parking for my job. This public transportation novice was to be pushed into park-and-ride. The situation got me thinking--when is it desirable to maintain control and when--if we have a choice--should be relinquish control?

7 tips for growing your professional network and skills

How do you avoid becoming complacent in your professional life? In this blog, I offer seven tips for keeping your skills fresh and demonstrating your value in this still uncertain and very competitive job market.

An immigrant succeeds through his support of the military

When my friend described Jackson Huang and his restaurant, I thought she was aggrandizing for storytelling effect. Upon meeting Jackson, as everyone calls him, I realized that the Killeen, Texas, icon lives up to his over-the-top reputation.

5 public relations tips for getting news media coverage

As the demand intensifies to feed the hungry online beast, reporters have to work much faster and smarter. The companies and public relations professionals who adapt to the changing media landscape by offering more to journalists are more likely to earn news coverage. As a working journalist, I offer some tips for how companies and PR professionals can improve their news pitch.

Traveling to Turkey with a tour group

Traveling throughout Turkey as part of Bora Ozkok's Cultural Folk Tours opened my eyes to the rich experiences that tour group trips can provide. Strong friendships continue from the bonds made on my spring 2010 trip. My three-week trip to revisit the country of my childhood included visits to Istanbul, Troy, the ancient city of Ephesus, and Cappadocia, where Bora owns a luxurious cave hotel.

Risk and reach for success

As we turn the page to a new year, I want to reflect on and acknowledge some strong women who inspire those around them to take chances toward a more fulfilling life. From these women, I have realized that I have played it safe for too long. Throughout our country’s history, the leaders we admire and remember have had the courage to take risks. So for 2013, I challenge myself and you — stop playing it safe. No matter your age or circumstances, reach out and grab your dreams.
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