We love our screens.

How few minutes or hours pass without us touching our smartphone, iPad or laptop? I’m the same — even after spending 11 or more hours a day in front of my Mac at work.

This week a friend who is getting her master’s at night told me somewhat apologetically that she couldn’t endure one more hour in front of her computer screen. She was going to write her latest school paper longhand and type it into her computer later.

She had no idea that I write most of my blogs longhand. Unproductive, you think? I beg to differ.

I write in a notebook using colorful, fun ink. Usually I’m out on my balcony, sitting in the white garden chair that was once my parents, my feet elevated on a stool, and my potted plant friends keeping me company.

I look up as a hummingbird visits the one pink blossom gracing my geranium. I listen to the breeze rustle the fronds of the palm tree in front of my little oasis.

Other times I’m writing while lounging on the bank of the American River, as I was today, with geese and ducks gliding by or begging nearby park visitors for any leftover snacks.

Out there, the words flow more easily, more relaxed. I feel more contemplative.

Away from my screens, blogging is fun rather than responsibility. For those of us who write all day at our desktop computer for our day job, we need to embrace any approach or trick that will keep us motivated and enjoying our off-hour blogging.

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