One of my greatest joys and a rare activity that can make me forget my iPhone for hours at a time is making greeting cards.

My cards aren’t those perfectly precise cards that might as well be store bought. They don’t look like those cards-in-a-kit that crafter party attendees use with everyone making the same exact card, akin to paint-by-numbers. That’s fine for others, but I like going with the flow with no plan in place. Work and other commitments of our busy lives offer enough structure for me. For play, I don’t want rules or precision.

When I make cards, I like a table piled high with an excessive supply of papers, stickers, rubber stamps and scissors. I enjoy the creativity of mixing and matching decorative papers and stickers. Sometimes I incorporate the photos I obsessively take or quotes from my collection of books of quotations.

Although the focus of this website is social media, I also will occasionally share some of my creations, which provide me with a healthy break from screens and technology. I hope they will inspire you to explore your own creativity.


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