OK, I admit I was a bit hasty in that last greeting card blog post.

My immediate reaction to hearing about these workshops at which attendees make the same greeting card from a kit was negative.

I’ve been making my own greeting cards for at least three decades. I also have an independent streak. I’m not a joiner. Shoot, I don’t even participate in group exercise classes, and maybe I should.

While writing that last blog, I was thinking why can’t everyone just jump into creating cards on their own, embrace their own sense of design and style.

But last night I made my first real foray into Pinterest, to examine what other greeting card makers are creating. I was wowed and quite humbled, I admit, by the level of sophistication of card makers today, thanks to the numerous gadgets and supplies now available.

So to get back to the workshops at which attendees make the same card from a kit. That, I realize, is just a starting point to learn the techniques and tools. From there, they can learn how to fly, making the beautiful, imaginative creations I witnessed last night across the pages of Pinterest.

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