A song by one of my favorite singers, Mike Cross, from my beloved North Carolina, has a line that goes, “If your Daddy’s alive, you ought to go and talk for awhile.”

I’ve been listening to the song since Cross released his “Carolina Sky” album in 1983, and it still makes me cry.

That song, “The Green of His Eyes,” also makes me think.

Any of you who know me even a little, realize I’ve been pretty obsessed with social media for some three-plus years. So perhaps the advice I offer in this post for my TwitterMarketingCoach.com blog will seem somewhat surprising: Just stop. Sometimes. For awhile.

Put down your screens. Forget about that Klout score. Your Twitter and Pinterest followers, your Facebook friends, and readers of your blog won’t forget you if you take three, four days off every once in awhile.

I’m glad I did. You see, my Daddy’s still alive. I don’t get to see him nearly often enough, and while he’s in excellent health, I feel the passage of time as his 80th birthday approaches this year.

During my four-day visit with him last week in Southern California, I wasn’t thinking about Twitter, Instagram, my professional Facebook page or my blog. Sure, I whipped out my iPhone for a second here and there to take a picture and to check into Foursquare  — I didn’t say I went cold Turkey. But I was living in the moment, famished for every shared laugh and each reminiscence.

So ignore your screens for a bit. Laugh until you cry. Have a real conversation without distraction. Watch dogs frolic at a dog park. Play a game of ping-pong, listen to some songs from your childhood, pick up a deck of cards.

Give a rest to sharing unless it is done verbally with the person standing next to you. Make sure the person you’re with knows he or she has your full attention. You don’t need to document and share every moment of your life.

Live that life. Because, you see, as Mike Cross reminds us in that same song, “…the ride doesn’t last all that long.”

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