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Learning about business and life from greeting cards

When I arrived at my first-ever greeting card workshop, I admit I struggled to hide my cockiness. From more than 30 years of rubber stamping and making greeting cards, I thought I knew a fair amount about the craft. As it turned out, I would learn some valuable lessons about making greeting cards and I would realize that some of those lessons also apply to business and life.

Pinterest opens my eyes

After observing all the sophisticated homemade greeting cards displayed on Pinterest, I realized I missed the point of these workshops at which attendees make the same greeting card from a kit. That's just a starting point to learn techniques and tools so these crafters can fly solo in making amazingly beautiful and imaginative cards. I still have much to learn myself.

Making greeting cards provides a break from technology

One of my greatest joys and a rare activity that can make me forget my iPhone for hours at a time is making greeting cards. I hope by sharing some of my creations, I will inspire you to explore your own creativity apart from screens and technology.
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