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Tackled your social media spring cleaning yet?

Have you tackled your spring cleaning? No, I'm not talking about shampooing your carpet or laundering your curtains. I’m talking about your periodic cleansing and freshening of your social media accounts, such as updating your profile photo and reviewing your connections.

A hotel maid job and social media spur quest for success

I couldn't resist reading the LinkedIn post with its headline of “A One-Time Motel Maid Looks Back on Success, Then & Now.” I too worked as a hotel maid. I took the job one summer during college instead of accepting an unpaid internship at a newspaper. The internship would have looked better on my resume, but as a maid I learned a more valuable lesson about the value of education and to be thankful for my opportunities.

Boost your social media listening skills

An effective social media strategy is not just about content creation. You also must improve your social media listening skills. Whether on Twitter, your Facebook fan page, LinkedIn or Google+, do you have a sense for what your followers or connections are all about? For those people you have identified as most important to you and your business or your career, you need to listen carefully to what they’re saying so you know what content to share with them.
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