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Learn from squirrels: Embrace change in your career and personal life

If squirrels can do it, so can you. While we may be scared of the newness ahead, we all can hope to find the courage to leap into a new life of experiences and opportunities. When will you embrace change?

The journey to a new life is fraught with bumps

The journey to a new life is not straight, especially emotionally. On Day 5 of my cross-country trip to my new life and career in North Carolina, I felt exhilarated to the degree of "pinch me, I'm dreaming."

Bad drivers, horrendous singing & an 80th birthday

On this, only my second day of my cross-country journey to a new life in North Carolina, I already have learned a few things — about bad drivers and my own singing that stings my ears — and I reaffirmed my decision to quit my job for this self-funded sabbatical.
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