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Embrace new life and work experiences — even miserable snow

These five months since I quit my job, traveled across the country and moved to North Carolina, I’ve thrived in the newness — whether treading through the snow, making a wrong turn on unfamiliar streets, or developing new professional contacts. With regret, I now realize that during much of the last decade and a half, I failed to embrace all sorts of potential new experiences. What’s it going to take to rouse you out of your routine? How much change do you need?

Learning about business and life from greeting cards

When I arrived at my first-ever greeting card workshop, I admit I struggled to hide my cockiness. From more than 30 years of rubber stamping and making greeting cards, I thought I knew a fair amount about the craft. As it turned out, I would learn some valuable lessons about making greeting cards and I would realize that some of those lessons also apply to business and life.

Risk and reach for success

As we turn the page to a new year, I want to reflect on and acknowledge some strong women who inspire those around them to take chances toward a more fulfilling life. From these women, I have realized that I have played it safe for too long. Throughout our country’s history, the leaders we admire and remember have had the courage to take risks. So for 2013, I challenge myself and you — stop playing it safe. No matter your age or circumstances, reach out and grab your dreams.
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