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7 tips for growing your professional network and skills

How do you avoid becoming complacent in your professional life? In this blog, I offer seven tips for keeping your skills fresh and demonstrating your value in this still uncertain and very competitive job market.

Always be networking — in person and on social media

In the 1992 movie “Glengarry Glen Ross,” actor Alec Baldwin's character Blake, as he pushes his salesmen to boost sales, insisted that they “Always Be Closing.” I think the crucial directive among professionals should instead be “Always Be Networking.”

Using a sabbatical to rediscover a bargain

During the last decade and a half of crazy-long work days, I missed out on much — time with family and friends, time for relaxation and hobbies, time for introspection. Until my current sabbatical, it had not occurred to me that I had neglected yet another joy — a free public service and one of the greatest institutions of a civilized society.

Bad drivers, horrendous singing & an 80th birthday

On this, only my second day of my cross-country journey to a new life in North Carolina, I already have learned a few things — about bad drivers and my own singing that stings my ears — and I reaffirmed my decision to quit my job for this self-funded sabbatical.
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