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To what degree does our environment define our identity?

Four months into my new life in North Carolina, I have been pondering a question — does where we live define us? To what degree are we a product of where we are from?

Exotic foreign travel or summer family vacation stateside?

Most of us at some point feel the lure of foreign travel. But I was reminded last week while sharing with lifelong friends an oceanfront beach house on North Carolina’s Outer Banks of the value of another kind of vacation — simple times with friends and family, playing cards, swimming in the ocean, enjoying good wine and food, laughing over childhood memories, and relaxing in front of a beach bonfire as the sound of the crashing waves makes all seem right in the world.

Traveling to Turkey with a tour group

Traveling throughout Turkey as part of Bora Ozkok's Cultural Folk Tours opened my eyes to the rich experiences that tour group trips can provide. Strong friendships continue from the bonds made on my spring 2010 trip. My three-week trip to revisit the country of my childhood included visits to Istanbul, Troy, the ancient city of Ephesus, and Cappadocia, where Bora owns a luxurious cave hotel.
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